Advertising in DreamWeek 2020

There are several advertising opportunities available throughout the DreamWeek Summit, both in digital and print formats. will have banner ads available on the headers and footers of most pages. To reach a more specific demographic, you can opt to specialize your campaign to target events of a specific theme or location.

Be A Voice Of Dreamweek

For print, full and half page ads will be available in printed schedule booklets, containing all of the DreamWeek events, that will be distributed throughout the city as well as at all DreamWeek events. There will also be postcards that feature one of the 12 DreamWeek themes and list events that fall into that category. The back of these postcards will have available ad space in either full or half sizes.







Where you will be seen

Reach Thousands

DreamWeek San Antonio - Advertising
Online Connections ›

Gain exposure by placing an ad on the DreamWeek website. This is a high-impact opportunity to maximize visibility with an engaged audience. Advertisers can target specific pages or sections to reach their target audience. Contact us today to strategize the best placement package for your company!

DreamWeek San Antonio - Advertising
Eblast Advertising ›

Directly drum up excitement for your company with the DreamWeek audience, by placing an ad in the DreamWeek eblast newsletter. The newsletter delivers important updates and daily event lists to DreamWeek subscribers and is a great way to reach a captive audience.

DreamWeek San Antonio - Advertising
Printed Reach ›

DreamWeek collateral will be distributed all throughout the city with printed media. The schedule of events booklet is a great way to connect with people in every part of San Antonio. A more targeted approach would be to place an ad on themed postcards that will be more focused on specific audiences.

The DreamWeek Audience

Directly Reach and Engaged Audience

You are Reaching:

  • Techies & Innovators
  • Chefs & Food Writers
  • Coaches & Athletes
  • Scientists & Engineers
  • Artists, Filmmakers & Performers
  • Businesses Large & Small
  • Physicians & Medical Professionals
  • Students & Educators
  • Community Leaders & Activists

What Is Dreamweek?

DreamWeek is a summit of over 175 civil and civic events, taking place in and around downtown San Antonio. Founded in 2013, DreamWeek occurs annually for 16 days during the month of January, and grows more successful every year. Advertising opportunities are available before, during, and after the summit.


  • Celebrate Diversity & Tolerance
  • Foster Education
  • Promote Dialogue & Exchange
  • Provide Networking Opportunities
  • Increase Community Involvement
  • Create Shared Experiences

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