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As the multicultural landscape of our world becomes ever more integrated, there is a growing need for a vehicle to unify us. Within this emerging groundswell of diverse voices are ideas that may have a profound effect on the way we see our tomorrow. These ideas become most powerful when they are advanced through the interaction of individuals and communities, and prospered towards a greater awareness of the issues that touch us all.

The DreamWeek mission is to lay the foundations of tolerance, equality, and diversity to create a platform where persons across cultures and communities can discuss and exchange ideas, and foster enlightenment for the greater human experience.

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DreamWeek is a summit of events that fosters the exchange of ideas on universal issues in order to advance the voices of tolerance, equality, and diversity. The January, city-wide summit takes place in and around downtown San Antonio. The aim is to invite all to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are discussed in a well-balanced manner, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail. Summit events includes symposiums, film screenings, concerts, art gallery exhibits, panel discussions, health and fitness expos, mixers, and debates.

DreamWeek culminates in a 150,000+ person march organized by the City of San Antonio’s MLK Commission. The Summit’s goal is to honor the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., proliferate and modernize his aspirations, as well as advance the wisdom and enlightenment of great like-minded humanitarians.

The Alamo City is primed to become the premier destination for a summit geared towards the resolution of conflicts facing our global community. The culturally diverse and harmonious San Antonio environment is fertile ground to harvest the DreamWeek tenants of tolerance, equality, and diversity.

San Antonio is a proven world-class city. The city hosts multiple festivals throughout the year showcasing its reputation as a culturally diverse and growing metropolitan with an exceptional quality of life.

President and Founder of DreamVoice LLC.

He believes San Antonio is the face of America’s tomorrow and has formed DreamWeek as a vehicle to confront and resolve universal issues created by language.

Art Director

Erin is a graduate of TAMU-CC who enjoys the culture, experiences and opportunities that San Antonio offers.

Web Developer/Interactive Designer

Frank is an established and innovative designer that lives and breathes creativity and is dedicated to impacting the world with insightful graphic/web design solutions.

Web Developer/Interactive Designer

With 2 degrees from TAMUCC and a background in agency design, Stephanie prides herself in bringing ideas to life. From print and digital advertising to web design and development, her passion to make a difference is reflected in everything she does.

PR/Communications Strategist

Jo Ann Carter McCall founded McCall & Associates in 1992, a multicultural agency which provides marketing, publicity, and community relations services.

Program Manager

As a St. Mary’s University alumna and passionate humanitarian, Jordan is committed to serving San Antonio’s diverse inner-city community. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and listening to old vinyl records.

Events/Volunteer Coordinator

Robert humbly accepts the challenge to make the world become a better place, and he believes it starts here in the San Antonio area. On his spare time he enjoys spreading positivity, love, peace and kindness to every person he encounters in his life. A Tree Hugger, Dreamer, and strong Believer.


San Antonio based photographer Sarah Brooke Lyons has been a professional photographer for well over a decade. Sarah’s artistic mission is to reveal the beauty of diversity and individuality through the photographic medium.

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Dr. “San Antonio Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission” or “MLK, Jr. Commission,” was established on April 3, 1986, by official act of the San Antonio City Council through City Resolution No. 86-15-19 under the leadership of then-Mayor Henry Cisneros. The MLK, Jr. Commission is a volunteer organization. On January 19, 1987, chaired by Aaronetta Pierce, the Commission and the City of San Antonio held its first official Martin Luther King, Jr. March.

The MLK, Jr. Commission organizes the march and leads the community effort of various events paying tribute to Dr. King. The wide variety of educational, inspirational and celebratory events, take place at locations across the city.

Each year, as part of its celebration and focus on youth and education, the MLK, Jr. Commission administers a Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Program. These scholarships help to fund a portion of the college tuition of several deserving students, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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The mission of the San Antonio Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission is to promote human equality, the principles of nonviolence, and the understanding and acceptance of racial harmony, understanding, respect, and goodwill among citizens, all as a way of building community among all citizens of San Antonio and across the United States.

The Commission advances its mission through a variety of events and programs by encouraging awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of the teachings and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

HONORARY CHAIR: Alan E. Warrick, II, City Council District 2