Every dollar donated to DreamVoice is dedicated to advancing the voice and vision of MLK Jr. Add your voice to the growing list of individuals seeking to create a better and brighter future.

Taking place in San Antonio, Texas, the nation’s seventh largest city, DreamWeek is a twelve-day summit developed to promote an exchange of ideas on universal issues facing our multi-cultural communities.


DreamWeek’s mission is to continue to advance and modernize the teachings set forth by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s vision by creating dialogue across cultures and communities.


Each year DreamWeek takes place in the week leading up to the country’s largest MLK March. This year the summit will be held Friday, January 9 to Tuesday, January 20, 2015.


DreamWeek provides an environment for a global exchange of ideas through a series of keynote speaking engagements, mixers, workshops and celebrations that will foster discussions centered on universal issues. The summit will revolve around the following themes: City, Health, Youth, Environment, Technology, Education, Arts, Spirit, Justice, Business, Sports and Cuisine. Each event will inspire and motivate the community to action in creating a more tolerant and enlightened society.

As the world trends toward a more integrated landscape, there is a growing need for a vehicle to promote tolerance, interaction and exchange of ideas. Within this groundswell of emerging voices are ideas that may have a profound effect on the way we see our tomorrow, today. The power lies not in the activity of a rally or a mantra, but the interactions that lead to a greater knowledge of issues that touch our lives. San Antonio’s quarter century status as host to the country’s largest MLK March is proof that Dr. King’s words and vision still live, and motivate.

“In honor of what binds us together, not what makes us different.”

-Julián Castro


San Antonio is a proven world-class host city. In addition to the country’s largest MLK March every year, San Antonio hosts multiple festivals throughout the year showcasing its reputation as a culturally diverse and growing metropolitan with an exceptional quality of life.

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mlk-marchMLK MARCH
gay-pride-festivalGAY PRIDE FESTS
film-festivalFILM FEST
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