Event description

At 11AM in each respective US time zone, John Nix is inviting all persons in the US to stop and sing “Amazing Grace” with the people around them. The 4 verses of John Newton’s longer poem that will be sung are on the flyers and on the Facebook pages below. The intent of this nationwide effort is to honor Dr. King’s legacy and to spread a sense of community in the Americas.

Everyone is able to join in on this event, wherever they may be at that time.  John Nix want to have the whole nation singing together at that time, whether it is at King day celebrations, in airports, at shopping malls, in businesses, or in homes!  This effort is being coordinated with the MLK Commission in San Antonio, Executive director of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Allen Henderson, the incoming president of the New York Singing Teachers Association Matthew Hoch, Communications Manager for the American Choral Directors Association Eden Badgett and many others in the music field.

Please visit and share the link for this event on Facebook. Videos of people singing together on MLK Day may be posted on social media with the hashtag #AmericaSingsTogetherMLKDay.


John Nix


Everywhere, but especially at the MLK Peace March
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