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We live in deeply dividing times and many believers are struggling to find the language and courage to confront each other and share their views on the state of our country and what it means about the soul of our faith communities. Many are struggling because we have not been intentional about exercising the muscles that allow us to voice our opinions, listen deeply, think critically, understand our differences in perspective and disagree civilly.

In order for us to see each other, we must learn how to move beyond our fears and anger and towards what Martin Luther King Jr. called the “majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood”. How can we begin to do so? By learning how to have constructive conversations.

Randall Butler, J.D., CEO of The Institute for Sustainable Peace has over twenty years of experience in mediating disputes and training leaders in America and internationally in dialogue and conflict transformation. Through this all-day workshop, he will interactively teach us how to connect civilly. The experiential learning workshop will begin with an experience in dialogue focused on what makes these conversations so difficult and what we can do about that. Via teach-ins and group exercises we will cover essential practices that make constructive conversations possible among people with divergent views and backgrounds: Suspending, Reflection, Listening, Empathy, Respecting, and Voicing.

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