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Meet the New Wave of San Antonio Social Justice Change Agents!
Lupita Gonzalez – CEO, The Thrive Advisory LLC
5:30 – 6:50pm

San Antonio has been making headlines as being “top in the nation” for a list of things: fastest growing city about to become 1.5 million in population, top in the nation for highest income inequality, and second highest poverty rate of 25 largest cities in the nation. Institutional racism in San Antonio universities, local taxes supporting apartheid in other countries, historic Confederate landmarks throughout the city, LGBTQIA discrimination… are indicators of very real oppressive forces.

This session will be a moderated discussion by representatives of new wave social justice activists agitating for change and making very big waves in San Antonio and beyond! They have been effective in advocating for their causes by harnessing internal and external pressures. This exhilarating panel discussion invites us to hear these successful social justice change agents’ stories, join in “policy wins” celebrations, and learn effective strategies for change. Be ready to engage with them. Bring your questions!

Guest panelists include:

Dolores “DeeDee” Belmares – Moms’ Clean Air Force, and Former Co-Chair of Community Alliance for A United San Antonio (CAUSA)
Responsible for galvanizing direct action required for the passage of San Antonio’s Non Discrimination Ordinance

Lindsy Gholson – SATX4, Free Speech Coalition, and Supporter of Black Lives Matter
Responsible for direct action to take down Confederate monument/statue in Travis Park

Moureen Kaki – Co-Founder of Students for Justice in Palestine at UTSA
Responsible for adding a product option at UTSA to counter BDS-listed Sabra Hummus, and supports SA’s “A Night of Hope” for the children of Gaza

Dr. Sonja L. Lanehart – Professor & Brakenridge Endowed Chair in Literature & the Humanities at University of Texas at San Antonio
Responsible for petition calling to discipline White UTSA professor who called police to escort a Black student out of the classroom

Ashley Smith – President of San Antonio Gender Association and Advocate for Transgender Equality
Responsible for helping stop the “Texas bathroom bill” against trans community with #BathroomBuddy Governor picture gone viral

Addressing Burnout in the Change Makers
Cynthia Phelps, PhD, Founder, InnerAlly Inc.
7:05 – 8:30pm
Advocating for a more equitable and enlightened society is powerful and important work. But what do you do when it all becomes overwhelming? In this session we will explore the risk factors for burnout and give some research-based techniques to help you build your own resilience, so that you can continue to serve and thrive. Give yourself this gift!