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The DreamHour Migrant Series 2020: series of 21 presentations that focus on the migrant experience in America. It will showcase diversity, challenges, struggles, and successes through each individual’s participation highlighting the navigation of the cultural intersection between one’s home country and one’s new home. Today’s Series will consist of three migrants’ presentations from three different countries:

5:30 PM,  Doors open

6:00 PM, Julya Jara (Latvia) – “In the works”

7:00 PM, Sarwat Husain (Pakistan)“An Immigrant in Immigrants Land”

8:00 PM, Charles Nwankwo (Nigeria) “The Migrants Quest for a good Life- Fact or Fiction”


Speakers’ Bios:

Julya Jara

Born in Czechoslovakia, raised in Latvia, Julya Jara studied and worked in Russia before immigrating to the US. She has attended The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute in Moscow, from which she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater. She then worked in Russian television as a broadcast journalist, covering a diverse array of topics, including economics and weather reporting. Since settling in San Antonio, Julya has acted on stages of The Classic Theatre, The Playhouse, Attic Rep and The Overtime Theater. Julya is a photographer, videographer and video editor. In 2016 she joined Musical Bridges team where she now works as a Development Director.

Sarwat Husain

From Pakistan. Ms. Husain is a thinker, public speaker and a writer. An award-winning advocate for human rights, civil rights and education for cross cultural understanding. Sarwat has been featured in the SA Express News, Huffington Post, The Face Behind the Veil, book authored Donna Gehrke-White.She is the founder and president of CAIR-TX, SA (Council on American Islamic Relations-San Antonio Chapter). CAIR is a non-partison organization Ms. Husain,is the co-chair of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus from 2012 to present. She is a founding member of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus and Texas Muslim Democratic Caucus.Her extensive business experience includes owner and operator of nursing homes, a child development center and a restaurant. She taught nutrition at the University Health Science Center medical School in San Antonio. Sarwat is the Bexar County Democratic party Deputy Chair for Precinct 3.

Ms. Husain is a published author in the Al-Ittihaad Monthly, the largest American Muslim newspaper in Texas. She is also a guest columnist for the San Antonio Express News.  Her columns have appeared in Al-Jazeera, Media Matters, Huffington Post, and other media including local, national and international papers, radio and TV channels. Ms. Husain is extensively involved in interfaith dialogue and regularly offers diversity trainings on Muslim beliefs and practices at businesses, universities, churches, and law enforcement agencies and to the Policy Makers.  Ms. Husain has two children. Her hobbies include: writing, poetry, painting, cooking, knitting, sewing, reading, and gardening.

Charles Nwankwo

Born in Nigeria on November 2nd 1974. To Chief, Sir Gab and Lady Bessie Nwankwo. Studied Philosophy at the University of PortHarcourt Nigeria (MA) Served In the Nigerian Army for 12 years. Migrated to the United States in December 2007. Studied Political Science/ International Relations at the Kansas State university, Manhattan Kansas (MA) served in the United States Army for 8 years and was deployed to Iraq. He currently serves as a Federal Law enforcement Officer with the department of Home Land security; USA Customs and Border Protection , at the Laredo Port of Entry. Hobbies include soccer and traveling.