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The human spirit seeks a better world. We endeavor, struggle, and battle for the dignity of humankind. We should be apprehensive for those marginalized and left in vulnerable positions. This is our responsibility to our brothers and sisters; to make the world anew with thoughts and actions that fortify the human spirit and overcome those who seek to rejuvenate injustice.


Mario Marcel Salas is a retired Assistant Professor of Political Science, having taught Texas Politics, Federal Politics, Political History, the Politics of Mexico, African American Studies, Civil Rights, and International Conflicts. He also served as a City Councilman for the City of San Antonio, and is very active in the Human Rights Movement. He has authored several books including, Foundation Myth in Political Thought: The Racial Moorings of Foundation Myth. He championed the establishment of the Martin Luther King Jr. Texas state holiday, and continues his research of African Americans in San Antonio. He is a commissioner of the 300-Year Tricentennial Commission and a member of the Bexar County Historical Commission.