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“Dignity is to design as justice is to law and health is to medicine” – Liz Ogbu
Acknowledging others, their needs, your excesses and helping create space when you see people are limited makes us human. In my work, professional and personal, I aim to create space, take up some, and offer value propositions to people/communities/organizations that are deserving of more. What does it do to you / your sense of value when you operate in systems that didn’t consider you when they were created? When you feel like you’re begging for space and time? As an architect and designer I believe it is my responsibility to address these questions and understand how we can best create space so people can see themselves.


Siboney Díaz-Sánchez, AIA

Siboney is an architect at Overland Partners in San Antonio, Texas and a graduate of Cornell University. She thrives on understanding how architecture and design can best serve communities. Her work focuses on the importance of an individual’s experience in a space, their relationships to others and contextual histories/ herstories/ ourstories. She insists that creative fields are viable vehicles for social change and is committed to the success of local arts organizations and non-profits. Currently she offers her time to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Board of Directors and serves as Community Outreach Coordinator for the Latinos in Architecture Committee within the AIA San Antonio Chapter.