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From the Ether through our parents, we fall into our Humanity. Here, we go to school, receive instruction, enter relationships, institutions, marriages. We are coached, seduced, mentored, advised.
To be accepted by the Tribe, we comply. Some of us lose ourselves in the process.
But without the benefit of mentorship we are lost. The gifts of past generations dissolve. But there is a turning point. We begin to draw in the gestures, language, and choreography we learn throughout our lifetime. There is a point of turning inwards. It is from this inner place we can start to give back.


Tamara Adira is founder and Artistic Director of Arte y Pasión, known for pushing the boundaries of flamenco and Spanish dance and one of the most contemporary Spanish dance companies in the country. She has studied and shared the stage with the late great maestro Teo Morca. Counterbalancing her studies in traditional flamenco, Adira leverages her experience in experimental and contemporary performance, demonstrated by her Harvard University residency under John Cage.
“Always remembering the masters of flamenco, Adira keeps a keen eye to the future. Bridging both the traditional and the new school, Adira proves to be one of the most creative visions in the South Texas flamenco scene.”
– The Rivard Report