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The DreamHour Speaker Series (The Descendant Series) featuring individuals from the community who will share their experiences as descendants of African Americans and Indigenous peoples- who contributed to making America a global power – without recognition or compensation. Presentations will be focused on the lives of descendants of African American nation and Indigenous founders in America. Presenters will share their perspectives and experiences of the challenges, struggles, and successes involved with the legacy.

6:30 PM 

TC Calvert

Tommy “T.C.” Calvert is a veteran organizer, activist, business entrepreneur, and visionary.  With more than forty years of training and experience in community organizing, he has demonstrated his ability as a skilled tactician and strategist to achieve positive results in moving communities forward.  Calvert currently serves as Vice-President of Marketing & Advertising for KROVFM Radio station, San Antonio Community Radio Inc.; President of the community-based Neighborhoods First Alliance; Chairman of the Fair Contracting Coalition; Chairman of Bexar County Voting Rights Coalition; and member of the City/County Tricentennial Committee.