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Free to the Public and Q & A at the end

Human Trafficking / Pedophile the issues

Human Trafficking –
Developing effective methods of providing assistance
to the victims of human trafficking. “Combating human trafficking and providing
support for its victims remains a key priority.”
Leading the event are experts from San
Antonio, Texas and hearing a survivor story on the danger of the border.

What types of organized crime groups are
engaged in human trafficking in the United States? Who are the individuals that
comprise the organized crime groups engaged in human trafficking in the United
States? Where do these organized crime groups operate? How do these organized
crime groups operate? Bail Bonds and traffickers? Judiciary and Traffickers?

Keywords: human trafficking, consent, harm, rape, sexual ethics, slavery, prostitution, abduction, brothel, groom

Pedophilia Introduction –
Few things upset us more than pedophilia and
with good reason. Pedophilic sex harms children, and roughly one in five girls,
and one in twelve boys, are victims of sexual abuse. What is pedophilia?
According to the World Health Organization, pedophilia is “a sexual preference
for children, boys or girls or both, usually of prepubertal or early pubertal

There’s a misconception about pedophilia,
writing that pedophiles aren’t all child molesters and that an attraction to
children is not itself a crime, but rather a mental illness? What are your
thoughts on this?

People who seek legitimate access and don’t
look like stereotypes. These are doctors, lawyers, pastors, schoolteachers,
executives, and even police officers; it really crosses the societal spectrum.
A predator by definition is an animal that hunts, kills and preys on others. A
pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children.

The ethics of pedophilia
Pedophilia is bad. But how bad is it? And in
what ways, and for what reasons, is it bad? This is a thorny issue, and sadly,
one seldom discussed by ethicists. I argue in this article that pedophilia is
bad only because, and only to the extent that, it causes harm to children, and
that pedophilia itself, as well as pedophilic expressions and practices that do
not cause harm to children, are morally all right. I further argue that the aim
of our social and legal treatment of pedophilia should be to minimize harm to
children and that current practices are often counterproductive in this respect.

What types of people are engaged in raping
children in the United States? Where do these organized crime groups operate in
child rape? Bail Bonds and Pedophilia? Judiciary and Pedophilia?