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1:30pm – 3pm: Housing Equitability
The social mobility promised by the American Dream has long hinged on the passport of education. However, the current laws that determine the location of the San Antonio Independent School Districts were drafted in tandem with segregated housing policies. As a result, wealth and property were withheld from Black/Latino communities and insulated in white neighborhoods. Join this conversation as Dr. Christine Drennon examines how the inequalities of the past continue to divide the communities of the present.

3pm – 4:30PM: Gentrification
Some deem gentrification to be a result of racism and oppressive measures by the wealthy. Others blame local government for not stepping in a creating a sense of equality in transitioning neighborhoods. There is also a perspective that believes these transitioning neighborhoods allow for an increased level of diversity. Join Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association president Brian Dillard in examining this phenomenon of public displacement for private interest.