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Semana De Suenos is a collection of three plays that focus on border issues, civil rights and migrant stories. Posoge. Socorro and Oaxaca are two magical desert sisters who were raised by a pueblo tribe. Their hair – when braided – can form water. When the the tribe is faced with drought, the sistersí Mother Wolf appears and tells them they can create a rio grande, but it will require them to sacrifice their lives. Evil men dishonor their sacrifice by making the great river a border between people. The Edge of the Woods. In 1968, students in San Antonio became part of the Chicano civil rights movement when they walked out of their high schools in protest over unfair treatment. The Edge of the Woods follows Dianaís and Richardís relationship and struggle as students at Edgewood High School. Attorney in Wonderland. Laura Gonzalez, an immigration attorney, is contacted by a man who has been separated from his daughter by Border Patrol. When Laura agrees to search for the girl, she finds herself in Wonderland, where she meets the Talking Door, the Cheshire Coyote and Queen Liberty