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San Antonio vintage seller Minx and Onyx, in partnership with Brick at Blue Star, brings you a shopping experience that is good for the planet as well as the soul. Shop Sustainable celebrates some of San Antonio’s most creative vintage and second-hand collections and the artistry of reusing materials to lessen the impact that fast fashion has on the world. Vintage sellers from across San Antonio are coming together to illustrate and educate about the power second hand and vintage shopping has to mitigate the toll that fast fashion brands levy on the environment, not to mention the positive impact sustainable shopping brings to your personal style. The longevity of the planet, in part, correlates with the longevity of the textiles and manufacturing techniques that find their way into our wardrobes, Shop Sustainable is your one-stop shop for a more ethical and elevated shopping experience.

This is a socially distanced event, there will be mandatory temperature checks at the door, and masks are required.

* This event is free and open to the public. Capacity is limited in accordance with Covid-19 regulations. Masks and Temperature checks are required to enter.