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BIGVIBESARTHOUSE Art Collective, Nimbus Cloudus and The Collective join in educating sustainability practices. Including self development workshops, how to grow your own food, DIY classes, brain teasers and more! Bringing together people, initiatives, and policies that are working towards the sustainability of San Antonio, our future and our self!

Join us for workshops like “Basics of Gardening”, Sew Machine – “How to make Scrunchies”, “I’m A Fungi” – grow your own oyster mushrooms, enjoy oyster mushroom samples and take home an oyster mushroom grow kit. “A Closer Look at Our Daily Hygiene Products” – is aimed towards educating ourselves about whats in our everyday household products . “Finances for Artists”- giving artist and small business owners a step by step guide on getting a hold on finances. You can anticipate more intriguing sustainability, self development workshops and networking with like-minded local creatives.