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Langston Hughes once asked: What happens to a dream deferred?

Today, Black millennials are answering that question. But in a way, you’d least expect…

Did you know that Black Millennials, in order to find our modern-day American Dream, are leaving the United States in the thousands to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in foreign lands?

Why is this happening? Because the American Dream isn’t what it used to be.

Ask yourself — Have you found the economic stability our country promised you? Have you achieved full social mobility and peace of mind? Black millennials haven’t, and we’re not waiting on the old American Dream to resurface and give us that.

Instead, inspired by American ingenuity and Black imagination, we’re building our dreams in our suitcases.

Join this event, if you want to hear directly from the creatives, entrepreneurs, and young professionals who are thriving abroad and building the new American dream. If they can do it, you can too.

Your hosts: Uchechi Kalu and Leroy Adams are the founders and co-hosts of a podcast called The Buddy Pass, which tells the stories of black people who are thriving abroad. Collectively, they’ve spent 10+ years living in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. They speak Arabic, Mandarin, and Tigrinya. As one listener of The Buddy Pass wrote, “The show lets us know that life for African Americans does not begin and end in the United States. We should not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones, explore, and enjoy and PROSPER from the opportunities provided by the different countries on our planet.”