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The Future of Faith
Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022

In this zoom event, participants will explore current and future expressions of faith in action; conversation leaders include Ron Nirenberg, Mayor of San, Antonio; Josh Dickson, White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships; Rev. Adam Russell Taylor, President of Sojourners, and Ilse J. Martinez, Community Organizer with COPS/Metro.

Survey headlines from local or global events and it is clear, religious identity and faith practices shape the lives, societies, loves, and political practices of millions of humans. Exploration of our common future, one lived in peace and justice, is incomplete without looking at the multireligious landscapes of our world. Join us as we discuss The Future of Faith.

Topics will include:

  • The Future of Faith and the City/Politics
  • The Future of Faith and Activism/Social Justice
  • The Future of Faith–Perspectives from Young Adults
  • The Future of Multireligious Collaborations

Collaboration Partners include: