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This is the most requested traveling exhibit of its kind in the US featuring rare, original Black history artifacts and it will be in San Antonio, Texas, for the first time ever!  Come experience this hands-on exhibit which is part of founder and curator, Khalid el-Hakim’s, private collection of over 7,000 museum quality Black memorabilia artifacts.  “The 5th Element” exhibit builds on the historical context of the time, starting with the trans-Atlantic slave trade era to modern day hip hop culture.  Prominent pieces in the collection include original slave shackles, a KKK hood, a rare slave bill of sale, original advertisements for runaway enslaved Africans, original photos and postcards of lynchings that are very emotional, and segregation signs. Also included are historical documents signed by Garvey, X, King, Angela Davis, Huey Newton, and others.

The hip hop portion features material (autographs, albums, photographs, magazines, promotional material, cassettes, etc.) focused Hip Hop’s Top Ten: Pioneers, Groups, Emcees, Movies, Women, and New School. There is original material from artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Sha-Rock, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, WuTang, Kanye West, Nas, Tupac, Nipsie Hussle, and many more.

Mark your calendar for this date.  You don’t want to miss the one!