Advancing the Voices of

Tolerance, Equality & Diversity

Each annual DreamWeek Summit comprises a series of events designed with a singular purpose in mind: to foster the free exchange of ideas on universal issues affecting the human race. The aim is to invite all to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are discussed in a well-balanced manner, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail. Events can take a variety of forms, from symposiums, panel discussions and debates to film screenings, concerts and art exhibits.

Seven Years Of Growth

From The DNA of San Antonio







Experience the Dream

Ideas become empowered through human interaction.

This year’s DreamHour presenters share unique perspectives on “What Makes Us Human.”

january, 2019

14jan11:30 am12:15 pmEvent OverDreamHour Speaker Series: Karen ChattumMy Overdraft Birthed My Wealth 5 Add to DreamList

14jan12:15 pm1:00 pmEvent OverDreamHour Speaker Series: Leland StoneBe True To Yourself 4 Add to DreamList

14jan5:30 pm6:30 pmEvent OverDreamHour Speaker Series: Gabriela De La Luz RochaAwareness of Self 3 Add to DreamList

14jan6:30 pm7:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Mario SalasWhat Makes Us Human 5 Add to DreamList

14jan7:30 pm8:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Siboney Diaz-SanchezCreating Space 7 Add to DreamList

15jan11:30 am12:15 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Christopher C. HerringWhat Makes Us Global 5 Add to DreamList

15jan12:15 pm1:00 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Dr. Karla Duran Become a Change Agent 4 Add to DreamList

15jan5:30 pm6:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Samantha NajeraGiving A Hand Up 0 Add to DreamList

15jan6:30 pm7:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Sterling CrispThe Heart Makes Us Human 4 Add to DreamList

15jan7:30 pm8:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Sietra and Jeremy JonesWhere Life Meets Living 5 Add to DreamList

16jan11:30 am12:15 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Ashley SmithWhat Makes a Woman? 4 Add to DreamList

16jan12:15 pm1:00 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Joseph Jarmon Sr.Racism In The Work Place 4 Add to DreamList

16jan5:30 pm6:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Tamara Adira SayThe Rhythm of your Truth 2 Add to DreamList

16jan6:30 pm8:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Howie Nestel and Tomas MartinezBe Extraordinarily 3 Add to DreamList

22jan11:30 am12:15 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Stephanie CollierThe Kente and Calico Connection 1 Add to DreamList

22jan12:15 pm1:00 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Jenny DuFresneWhen Women Lead, the World Works for All 2 Add to DreamList

22jan5:30 pm6:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Rocio BodevinWhat makes us human? 0 Add to DreamList

22jan6:30 pm7:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Cedric Thomas SmithTale-ing A Truth 1 Add to DreamList

22jan7:30 pm8:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: William TuttUrban Psychotherapy 4 Add to DreamList

23jan11:30 am12:15 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Jennifer ShellCan You Repeat Yourself, Please?! 1 Add to DreamList

23jan12:15 pm1:00 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Femi OsideleWhen beaten, run . . . then shuffle! 1 Add to DreamList

23jan6:30 pm7:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Stephanie ZarrielloAt The Age of 12, I Realized I was Human 1 Add to DreamList

24jan11:30 am12:15 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Leo GomezVulnerability 3 Add to DreamList

24jan12:15 pm1:00 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Brenda PinaTherapy through Art: Living with Depression 2 Add to DreamList

25jan11:30 am12:15 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Judge Genie WrightHumanity 1 Add to DreamList

25jan12:15 pm1:00 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Larry JohnsonLook Behind the Label 1 Add to DreamList

25jan5:30 pm6:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Jane GonzalezWhat Makes Us Human? 1 Add to DreamList

25jan6:30 pm7:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Nate and Evelyn ThomasRelationships 1 Add to DreamList

25jan7:30 pm8:30 pmDreamHour Speaker Series: Aba BlanksonWhat Makes Us Human? 0 Add to DreamList

Reaffirming identity through justice

january, 2019

10jan6:30 pm9:30 pmHome of the Brave: Film Screening and Community EngagementHonor the sacrifice of our past activisim by being today's activists. 3 Add to DreamList

11jan7:00 pmSelma, the movieFree Movie of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.\\'s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965. 11 Add to DreamList

12jan11:00 am3:00 pmScreening of Healing Justice: Future Leaders Making MovesDocumentary film screening with activities to integrate learning among participants. 7 Add to DreamList

13jan4:30 pm6:00 pmSalute to Psi Sigma Chapter Documentary and "Go Down, Death" Film ScreeningDelta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated showcases a historical documentary and a film based in San Antonio. 6 Add to DreamList

13jan6:30 pm9:00 pmWalk on the RiverAn independent film chronicling the Black community in San Antonio. 12 Add to DreamList

15jan6:30 pm8:15 pm'Millennial Matters' Film Screening, Poetry, and Games Party!Grab some popcorn and watch the "Best Of" our local TV show series, Millennial Matters. Experience Poetry performances and play a mini-game show. 5 Add to DreamList

17jan6:30 pm9:00 pmThe Hate you Give/ Screening and Panel DiscussionThe Hate U Give is based on Angie Thomas' award-winning book about Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), a black teen who witnesses the fatal police shooting of a close friend. 7 Add to DreamList

19jan9:00 amLiving Life to the Fullest Youth Summit 3 Add to DreamList

19jan1:00 pm3:30 pmSan Antonio Four-Presentation & DocumentarySan Antonio Four-Presentation & Documentary 8 Add to DreamList

20jan4:00 pmFeaturedThe Rachel Divide. Screening & Panel Discussion (RSVP Only Event)"All my mom did is say she was black and people lost their minds." 6 Add to DreamList

21jan6:30 pm8:00 pmWindows & Mirrors: A Documentary Film ScreeningA YouTube Creators for Change project by Hallease Narvaez 3 Add to DreamList

23jan6:30 pmFree Her--A movie and panelThis documentary and post-film panel on freeing women who killed their batterers seeks to lay bare the sexism in the prison industrial complex, disrupt bigotry against those labeled "domestic-violence offenders," and spur attendees into action to end battering and create a true justice system.  2 Add to DreamList

25jan6:30 pm8:30 pm"Anita: Speaking Truth to Power" Film Screening and Panel DiscussionFilm screening and panel discussion on gender, race, and sexual violence. 4 Add to DreamList

San Antonio’s unique stage spaces will highlight the diversity and range of talent from around the area.

january, 2019

11janAll Day13Taming of the ShrewCome find out who is taming who in Teatro Audaz's contemporary Latinx take on Shakespeare's classic battle of the sexes tale. 4 Add to DreamList

11jan7:30 pmWAITRESSWAITRESS, with music by 6 time Grammy Nominee Sara Bareilles 2 Add to DreamList

14jan12:00 pmDiary of a Worm, a Spider, and a FlyDiary of a Worm, a Spider, & a Fly comes to the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts on Monday, January 14, 2019. Dallas Children's Theater captures all of the whimsy of the wildly popular books in the coolest ever rock-and-roll-romp in a bug's world! A Tobin Family Fun event perfect for families of all ages! 1 Add to DreamList

17jan7:30 pmAll Things Are Possible - One-Act Short Theatrical PlaysCLUB LIGHTHOUSE THEATER PRESENTS ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE 3 Add to DreamList

17jan8:00 pmSemana De SueñosSemana De Suenos is a collection of three plays that focus on border issues, civil rights and migrant stories. 6 Add to DreamList

18jan(jan 18)6:00 pm19(jan 19)9:00 pmTribute Play for the San Antonio Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.Tribute Play for The Tuskegee Airmen 9 Add to DreamList

18jan8:00 pmSemana De SueñosSemana De Suenos is a collection of three plays that focus on border issues, civil rights and migrant stories. 5 Add to DreamList

19jan8:00 pmSemana De SueñosSemana De Suenos is a collection of three plays that focus on border issues, civil rights and migrant stories. 2 Add to DreamList

19jan8:00 pmAs OneAs One by Alamo City Opera 1 Add to DreamList

23jan6:00 pm8:00 pm“African Folktales” Open Rehearsal and Talk-BackJoin Teatro Anansi for an open rehearsal of "African Folktales" to get a sneak peek of the production and participate in a community dialogue about multicultural storytelling. 4 Add to DreamList

24jan6:30 pm8:30 pmPerformance: ¡No Es Justo! Emma Tenayuca’s Struggle for JusticeThis play honors Emma Tenayuca and her leadership of the 1938 Southern Pecan Shelling Company worker’s strike. 5 Add to DreamList

26jan1:00 pm2:30 pmMagik Reader’s Theatre: Stories of a DreamerArea actors perform famous childrens books by African American authors in a reader's theatre style. 3 Add to DreamList

26jan4:00 pm5:30 pmRe-Born This Way PlaySometimes life"s greatest tragedies birth life"s greatest triumphs. 0 Add to DreamList

26jan7:30 pm10:00 pmRENTAn inspiring musical about friends and artists struggling with addiction, poverty, and most of all-love. 6 Add to DreamList

DreamWeek creates opportunities for the community to be a part of greater civic and civil conversations. Advocacy, immigration, health, science and spirituality are some of the discussion opportunities for community members to meet, share ideas and dialogue in a safe and engaging environment.

january, 2019

12jan10:00 am12:00 pmStudents on Equality and DiversityAn open student discussion on equality and diversity in today's society. 6 Add to DreamList

12jan10:00 am12:00 pmLegislation is for Everyone: Transforming Advocacy into Action with Senator Jose MenendezCome learn about the legislative process and how to be most effective in your advocacy with Senator Jose Menendez. 9 Add to DreamList

12jan10:00 am2:00 pmIs My Normal Your Normal?Is My Normal Your Normal? Prayer vs. Prescription, Women & The Myth of Perfection, Minorities and Mental Health. Its #Time2Talk 15 Add to DreamList

12jan12:00 pm2:00 pmACLU of Texas Legislative Advocacy TrainingThis training will connect advocates with the necessary resources to fight for civil liberties at the Texas State Capitol in the 2019 legislative session. 6 Add to DreamList

12jan1:00 pm4:00 pmWhere Do We Go From Here? The Purpose of Education"Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 8 Add to DreamList

14jan12:00 pm1:30 pmLightHouse Luncheon: Aundar Maat - Presents Where Do We Go From Here? Sankofa: Lessons from Our HistoryAundar Maat - Presents Where Do We Go From Here? Sankofa: Lessons from Our History 1 Add to DreamList

15jan8:30 am10:30 amBringing Unity Back to Community BreakfastJoin Us to Learn More About Putting Unity Back in Community 1 Add to DreamList

15jan6:00 pm8:00 pm"Reasonable Insanity" Book Reading and Conversation on Benefits of Healthy JuicingBook Reading by new author, Cynthia Freeman Gibbs and a conversation on the Benefits of Healthy Juicing by Pure Juice Stone Oak 4 Add to DreamList

16jan6:00 pm7:30 pmThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: A Dream for Social EquityAn on-stage presentation and discussion with members of the Lacks family. 15 Add to DreamList

16jan7:00 pm9:00 pmPub Theology: A Dialogue About Race and Spiritual ActionGavin and Bekah will lead a panel of guests to talk about race and spiritual action. 7 Add to DreamList

17jan3:00 pm6:00 pmCocktails Conversations and Civil RightsJoin us for Cocktails and Conversations with the Mississippi Freedom Riders of the 1960's Civil Rights movement. 9 Add to DreamList

17jan5:30 pm8:30 pmStop the Hate! Bridging the Gap Between Our DifferencesSocial Issue Community Forum 5 Add to DreamList

17jan5:30 pm8:30 pm“Fired Up! Ready to Go!”- Meet Social Justice Change Agents Making Wins in SA and Beyond!Meet the New Wave of San Antonio Social Justice Change Agents and Learn How to Address Burnout in Your Own Advocacy Work. 7 Add to DreamList

17jan6:00 pm7:00 pmJourney to America: A DACA StoryJessica Azua, a DACA recipient who has earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M, discusses her life experiences and work with the Texas Organizing Project. 3 Add to DreamList

18jan6:30 pm8:30 pmOtro Mundo Es Posible: Creating Positive Change Under the Current Presidential AdministrationOtro mundo es posible 7 Add to DreamList

19jan9:00 amLiving Life to the Fullest Youth Summit 3 Add to DreamList

19jan2:30 pm4:00 pmCollege Dreams Come TrueBlack Student Experiences 2 Add to DreamList

19jan3:00 pm4:30 pmLearn about CASAHelp abused and neglected children. 3 Add to DreamList

19jan3:00 pm5:00 pmHow A #CompassionateSA Responds to Crises at BordersA Discussion About Humanitarian Crises Occurring at Borders Near and Far 4 Add to DreamList

19jan6:00 pm7:30 pmHuman Rights Violations in TurkeyHizmet Movement: Persecution of peacemakers around the world 2 Add to DreamList

22jan5:30 pm7:30 pmMore Room for ServiceA perspective on the issues and opportunities of minorities in the hospitality industry 2 Add to DreamList


22jan7:15 pm9:00 pmCompromised ConversationsDr.MLK Jr. to President Trump - How politically correct culture is defining a new generation. 5 Add to DreamList