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An Annual Summit

Of Civic And Civil Engagements

Each annual DreamWeek Summit comprises a series of events designed with a singular purpose in mind: to foster the free exchange of ideas on universal issues affecting the human race. The aim is to invite all to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are discussed in a well-balanced manner, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail. Events can take a variety of forms, from symposiums, panel discussions and debates to film screenings, concerts and art exhibits.

More than a decade now, DreamWeek has presented over 1600+ events, with over 150,000+ attendees, & over 400 local leading organizations, small businesses and nonprofits participating.


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The Essentials

What You Need To Know

DreamWeek is an annual summit spanning 17 days in January. The summit consists of a series of partner-hosted events that promote civic and civil engagements.

  • DreamWeek is presented by DreamVoice, LLC, an organization founded in 2011 and dedicated to creating environments for the voices of the common good to flourish. The organization’s vision is that every individual within a community has the potential to be a valuable asset within it.
  • Funding for DreamWeek is solicited by DreamVoice through sponsorships, donations, sales of branded merchandise and our fundraiser the Mayor’s Ball.
  • Since its inception, DreamWeek has partnered with more than 750 organizations hosting over 1000 events.
  • An estimated 130,000 or more attendees have participated in the DreamWeek summit.
  • Events take various forms, including symposiums, panel discussions, film screenings, concerts, art exhibits, galas, and more.
  • DreamWeek is concurrent with the annual MLK Commemorative March, which attracts over 300,000 marchers annually and is estimated to be one of the largest in the nation.

Powered By Community

Celebrating Our Differences

San Antonio is distinctly varied in its cultural and ethnic makeup. Diversity is one of the city’s key qualities that creates a ripe environment for inspiring civil dialogue and resolving conflict.

With each year of growth, DreamWeek welcomes more and more visitors from San Antonio and beyond, with a digital audience that stretches around the globe. The social media following of DreamWeek includes users from 45 countries spanning 5 continents.

  • As the seventh largest city in the U.S. San Antonio is one of a handful of major American cities which classifies as a majority-minority city, with white non-Hispanic individuals making up only 25.1% of the total population.
  • San Antonio welcomes over 37 million tourists annually with a $15 billion economic impact to the city. The city’s hospitality industry employs 140,000 local residents totaling 9% of the city’s population.
  • San Antonio’s cost of living continues to rank among the lowest in the U.S. particularly among large metropolitan areas.
  • The city is home to two of the nation’s largest military medical centers, four military installations, 14 colleges and universities offering degrees in all major fields of study and educating more than 120,000 students annually.

“DreamWeek is one of the most forward-looking and iconic developments in San Antonio in the last decade.” – Ron Nirenberg, Mayor – City of San Antonio

“Herald a new world – one of tolerance of different perspectives, equality of opportunity, and respect for the diversity of the genius within us.”- Shokare Nakpodia, Founder – DreamVoice, LLC

“We must know where we come from to understand where we need to go. As a society, it is important that we continue to walk together in the example set by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and that we do not turn back. We must keep the dream alive, never give up hope and always have faith.” – James Howard, Board Chair – San Antonio ISD

“I’d like to thank (DreamVoice, LLC President) Shokare Nakpodia for this genius idea to bring together the MLK events into a DreamWeek with a universal reach for everyone in our city and everyone in our world. This is one of the most important things that happens in our city. Sometimes we think we have made a lot of progress, sometimes it’s five steps forward, and two steps back. But we have made so much progress, and yet there is much more to be done.” – Carmen Tafolla, former San Antonio Poet Laureate

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