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Establish your Voice

Create an event to celebrate and advance civil and civic engagements and we will promote it to an engaged audience of civic-minded individuals.

As an official Partner, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your organization’s mission during DreamWeek and establish it as a leader in conflict resolution and human rights advocacy.


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Perks of Being a Partner

Engage Your Community

DreamWeek has become an essential channel for organizations to advance their causes and ultimately to help underserved communities. All of our partners play a significant role in the community’s cultural vitality and economic growth.

  • Venue and logistics support
  • Event promotion on the DreamWeek web calendar, social media channels, and printed schedule booklet
  • Placement of your organization’s logo on DreamWeek event signage and on the DreamWeek website with a link to your site
  • Event announcements via radio and web promotions
  • Event mentions in DreamWeek press releases and requests for media coverage
  • Volunteers at your event to assist with logistical support
  • Professional photographers to document your event (select events only)

The Themes that define DreamWeek

Diversity is Key

DreamWeek celebrates diversity by bringing civic-minded individuals from a broad range of disciplines together under one umbrella. There’s something here for everyone – come find your inspiration.

And remember – don’t just settle for the familiar. DreamWeek is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. So allow your curiosity to be stirred and your beliefs challenged.

  • Community – The new Cultural landscape
  • Sports – Achievement by teamwork & competition
  • Cuisine – Sharing world culture through food
  • Health – Whole living (body, mind, soul)
  • Environment – Cleaner resources for a cleaner world
  • Technology – Advancing the future of the community
  • Education – Knowledge is empowerment
  • Arts – The roots of creativity & diversity
  • Next Gen- What can future generations teach us
  • Spirit – Acceptance and tolerance through faith
  • Justice – Civil and human rights of the community
  • Business – Success beyond  financial boundaries

DreamWeek 2025: Event Submission Steps

  • Step 1: Please review and submit terms and conditions below, event submission form will follow
  • Step 2: Event Submission Form – Sign-in or create an account to submit an event
  • Step 3: Event Details – Please note ALL marked required fields are needed to approve event submission
  • Step 4: Event Submission Review: Details will be reviewed for approval
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Terms and Conditions

"*" indicates required fields

You agree that by signing up to participate in DreamWeek San Antonio the Site, you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of the Terms and Conditions stated in this partnership agreement by DreamVoice LLC (DreamVoice), presenters of DreamWeek San Antonio. If you do not agree with all of these Terms and Conditions, then you are expressly prohibited from using the Site and submitting an event and you must discontinue use immediately.

We will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last Updated” date of these Terms and Conditions, and you waive any right to receive specific notice of each such change.

Event Rejection Policy

DreamVoice reserves the right to reject any submission of event application if the Partner fails to adhere to the policies outlined in this agreement.

Event Cancelation Policy

If the Partner cancels an event due to the Partner's failure to adhere to the policies and deadlines outlined in this agreement and less than six weeks before the date of the scheduled function, a cancelation fee of $100.00 will be collected at the time of cancelation. If the Partner cancels an event due to events outside of its reasonable control, such as a national emergency, no further action will be taken.

Discrimination Policy

The Partner agrees that they will comply with all state and federal anti-discrimination laws during its performance under this agreement.

Partner Contribution and Payment Policy

Partner is requested at the time of the agreement, after the event submission is approved, to purchase two tickets to the DreamWeek Opening Ceremony of a total of $170.00.

Returning Partners can take advantage of DreamVoice Services for an extra charge such as consultations & mentoring, marketing and design, or creative digital marketing solutions. Contact the DreamVoice team at for inquiries.

Mutual obligations

At the request of partnering with DreamVoice and participation in the DreamWeek San Antonio annual summit, the Partner shall supply its particulars information and event submission forms in good time and the manner agreed in advance (Before the deadline).

Any event submitted after the deadline isn’t promoted in our print materials, they can still be submitted to our website calendar.

If Partner is participating in the DreamWeek annual summit for the first time, DreamVoice offers a consultation meeting at the start of the partnership to assist partners with any questions and matters that will benefit their event and brainstorm ideas for a three-year strategy. DreamVoice will not be liable for loss, damage, or injury caused by any factor whatsoever to goods and/or persons by or in connection with participation in the DreamWeek annual summit.


Unless agreed otherwise, the partner is not entitled to exclusivity in regards to the partnership. DreamVoice will be entitled to allow direct competitors of the Partner to participate in the summit as a partner.

If after consultation with DreamVoice, the partner and DreamVoice Team agree to a three-year partnership strategy for a marquee branded event then the partner is entitled to exclusivity for such event the DreamWeek annual summit.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

A dream you dream together is reality.

John Lennon

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