Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? You’ve come to the right place. This page addresses some common questions regarding general DreamWeek information as well as specifics related to partnership, sponsorship, and volunteering.

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General Info

What is DreamWeek?

DreamWeek is a 16-day summit of events that fosters the exchange of ideas on universal issues in order to advance Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings of tolerance, equality, and diversity. The January, city-wide summit takes place in and around downtown San Antonio. The aim is to invite all to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are discussed in a well-balanced manner, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail.

When is the next DreamWeek ?

The next DreamWeek is January 10-25, 2020.

Where does DreamWeek take place?

DreamWeek events occur at multiple locations in and around San Antonio.

How do I find out about DreamWeek events?

The “Events” on our DreamWeek website, will take you to the list of events which provide you with important event details such as: date, time, location, cost etc.

You are now able to create a DreamList with all of the events that you plan to attend.

Also, our Schedule of Events brochure, will contain all DreamWeek events and details.

Do I have to pay to go to an event?

The majority of DreamWeek events are free and open to the public, however some events will contain a charge for fundraising purposes. The DreamTeam will specify which events contain a charge on our website, and schedule of events brochure.

How can I participate with DreamWeek SA?

You can participate with DreamWeek in several ways:

1. Sponsor: Sponsorship provides for a dynamic array of events that further the progressive exchange of ideas and create unforgettable experiences in downtown San Antonio.

2. Volunteer: Volunteer for a worthy cause! We welcome the assistance of corporations, organizations and individuals who wish to offer their time and talent in making DreamWeek a success.

3. Partner: Partner with DreamWeek to develop and host events that celebrate and promote an environment for an exchange of ideas focused on tolerance, diversity, and equality.

4. Donor: Donate your venue/location or provide logistics support, offer a DreamWeek promotion, offer in-kind services (gift certificates, a/v equipment & support, food & beverages, transportation & accommodations, talents (singer/artist), or printing services), or donate a financial contribution

5. Attendee: Attend DreamWeek events and support the message of tolerance, equality, and diversity.

Can anyone host an event?

Yes, anyone can host an event so long as people are able to participate in an open forum where real world issues are discussed in a civil environment. However, your event must receive final approval by the DreamWeek CEO & staff.

About how many events does DreamWeek have?

This past year’s summit, DreamWeek 2019 presented over 180 events with 132 hosting partners at 120 venues.


Is there a cost to host a DreamWeek event?

No, there is not a cost to host a DreamWeek event. However, logistical needs, such as a venue, might contain a cost to rent out the space.

What type of event can I host?

DreamWeek events are for all to participate and enjoy including: symposiums, film screenings, concerts, art gallery exhibits, panel discussions, health and fitness expos, mixers, debates, and more.

DreamWeek events can focus on any of the following 12 themes:

  • City: The new landscape of urban progress
  • Sports: Achievement by teamwork & competition
  • Cuisine: Sharing world culture through food
  • Health: Whole living (body, mind, soul)
  • Environment: Clean resources for a cleaner world
  • Technology: Advancing the future of the community
  • Education: Knowledge is empowerment
  • Arts: The roots of creativity & diversity
  • Youth: What can future generations teach us
  • Spirit: Acceptance and tolerance through faith
  • Justice: Civil and human rights of the community
  • Business: Success beyond financial boundaries

What are the benefits of hosting a DreamWeek event?

As a partner you will establish your presence as a leader at the forefront of America’s tomorrow by hosting one of several DreamWeek dynamic events. Showcase your organization’s mission under the DreamWeek brand and help advance and modernize the teachings set forth by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision.

Perks of Partnership:

  • Venue and event logistics support
  • Event promotion on the DW Online Calendar
  • Event promotion in printed DW Schedule of Events booklet, which is circulated through the San Antonio Current and distributed at various downtown locations*
  • Placement of hosting partner’s logo on DW event signage
  • Placement of hosting partner’s logo on DW website with a link to its webpage
  • Event announcements via social media outlets
  • Radio and web promotions
  • Event mentions in DW press releases & requests for media coverage
  • Volunteers provided at hosting partner’s events to assist with logistical and promotional support
  • Professional photographer at selected events
  • Access to a growing market of civic minded individuals

What are the benefits of sponsoring DreamWeek?

As a DreamWeek sponsor you celebrate and help to promote an environment for an exchange of ideas focused on tolerance, equality, and diversity.

Standard Benefits include:

  • Company logo, name, and link on official events page & website
  • company name on appropriate on-site signage
  • company logo on specific signage associated with sponsorship chosen
  • company logo included in select marketing materials
  • acknowledgment of sponsorship at DreamVoice events

What if I have never hosted an event before?

The DreamWeek staff will be able to assist partners if needing event ideas, logistical support, or promotional/marketing advice. Please contact our office to schedule a meeting or phone conference.

Be Inspired! See what other partners have done.

When is the latest I can submit an event?

To be featured in all DreamWeek 2020 collateral you must submit your event no later than October 31, 2019.

What if I don't know all the event details right now?

We ask that hosting partners provide as much information as of right now and a representative will contact you to further discuss solidifying your event details. We understand planning events can be very time consuming and tedious so we work very diligently with our partners.

How will people know about my event?

The DreamWeek Summit and events will be promoted on our DreamWeek website, social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and placed in the DW Schedule of Events booklet that will be placed in over 5,000 San Antonio Current’s around San Antonio. However, it is encouraged that our hosting partners advertise and market their own event, as well, on print/digital collateral such as websites, social media accounts, Eventbrite, flyers, etc.

After I submit my event request online, what's next?

The DreamTeam will review your event request and will send a confirmation (or rejection), by email, to you within ten (10) working days after receiving it. Or contact you requesting further information.


What happens next after I sign up to be a volunteer?

Our DreamWeek Volunteer Coordinator will contact you via email confirming your recent signup.  Meanwhile, be sure to go to our SignUp Genius page to review volunteer openings at events.

Is there an age limit to be a volunteer?

There is not an age limit to be a volunteer. However, children or adolescent volunteers are advised to sign up for events relating to their age group.

What role does a volunteer play in DreamWeek?

Volunteers play a big role in making sure DreamWeek events run smoothly, and representing the DreamWeek name. Volunteers will be in charge of banner set up, distributing DreamWeek promotional collateral, assisting hosting partners, posting on social media and being knowledgeable about the DreamWeek mission/initiative.

Can I choose which events I would like to volunteer at?

Yes, once we have all our events finalized we will send volunteers a link to the Sign-Up website that has a list of events for volunteers to choose from. Volunteers are encouraged to select events that they will be committed to and works best with their schedule.

What if I can't make it to an event I signed up for?

If a volunteer is unable to attend an event they must contact the Events Coordinator via phone, and email. The volunteer must then remove themselves from that event on the Sign-Up Genius website.

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