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Arte y Pasión is proud to present GRITO DE LOS ARBOLES: “Cry of the Trees” on Saturday, January 23 2021 in steaming format. In a forest, if one tree experiences distress, a tree at the other end of the forest is aware of it. The trees know this through the root system. Mankind has created a root system in response to this once in a century pandemic. GRITOS tells the story about how mankind has learned to act through our roots to survive and overcome.

The company of GRITO is Tamara Adira, Genevieve Obregon, Randy Cordero, Poet Laureate Andrea “VOCAB” Sanderson, with special guest artists TBA.

Arte y Pasión, led by dancer and artistic director, Tamara Adira, is a company known for pushing the boundaries of flamenco and Spanish dance. Each performance is a visually stunning theatrical event comprised of independent artists, each highly accomplished, who come together to form one of the most contemporary Spanish dance companies in the country.

Admission to the live stream is $10.

There are sponsorship levels available and a silent auction.

There will be a forum for Q&A with select artists following the streaming, on Zoom.

Click here to go to the Facebook Event.