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 The DreamHour Speaker Series is made up of leaders within the local community, sharing their experiences and their hopes for creating a better tomorrow.

Hubert Brown, President-P.O.W.E.R, Hospital Responder For Stand Up S.A, Artist/Songwriter, Record Label Owner of 15five, Streetz Musik Group, CEO- BallHoggs BBQ

Born may 26 , 1977 Raised on the Westside of San Antonio in the Lincoln court’s projects Mother was on drugs, alcohol all my life. I was homeless by the age of 9 and was in cps  Custody by the age of 12. Moved to the East Side with my father Spent the rest of my youth on the East Side graduated from east Central High school, I was in federal prison by the age of 19, That’s 6 years in prison, Came home started a recollection at multiple songs on the radio, Move to Atlanta, My brother and the rest of my recollection mates wrote the Song blame it on the alcohol for Jamie Fox won Grammy’s,  Came back home start a nonprofit Aimed at at rescue teaching them how to start their own businesses, Work for the city of San Antonio as a member of stand up s.a,  Where we stop shootings and killings in our community. Opened up a restaurant in 2019 Ballhoggs BBQ ,  Write next to the AT&T center where the spurs play.