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Where Did We Sit on the Bus? is an electric one-man show pulsing with Latin rhythms, rap, hip-hop, spoken word, and live looping. During a third grade lesson on the Civil Rights movement and Rosa Parks, a Latino boy named Brian Quijada raises his hand to ask, “Where did we sit on the bus?” leaving his teacher unable to answer the question. Brian Quijada, a native Chicagoan and the son of Salvadorian parents, tries to figure out where he fits in. He grew up in a contrasting melting pot environment, watching Michael Jackson’s moves on TV with the smell of pupusas in the air and attending school with friends from different cultural and racial backgrounds. With nonstop laughter, Where Did We Sit on the Bus? examines what it means to be Latino through the eyes of a child, turned teenager, turned adult, to answer the question: “Where do I fit in as a Latino millennial growing up in America?”