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January 2019

How to Spend MLK Day


Aba Blankson, Vice President of Communication and Digital Media, will speak at Dreamweek in San Antonio, on the “What Makes Us Human” session. The mission of DreamWeek is to advance the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other great humanitarians like him – by proliferating and modernizing their aspirations of a more equitable and enlightened society for all.

Rachel Dolezal’s Appearance at San Antonio DreamWeek Canceled by Organizers


DreamVoice had invited Dolezal to the event to participate in a Q&A after a screening of “The Rachel Divide,” a documentary about the impact her #whitelies had on her family. However, according to an Express-News report, after President Shokare Nakpodia met with the petition’s author and Dolezal opponents, organizers ultimately decided to uninvite her.
They agreed that her “presence here is going to be a distraction from the over 150 partners and 170 plus events that we have lined up,” Nakpodia said.

Africa inspired event held in San Antonio


The market was one of more than 170 events of DreamWeek, a 16-day summit that advances the teachings of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., in and around downtown. The festival, sponsored by the Ólájú Art Group, featured music, vendors, contemporary art, fashion and food.
Ólájú is a Yoruba word from West Africa that translates to “one who is enlightened.”

Rachel Dolezal uninvited from San Antonio DreamWeek event following petition


Meanwhile, Dolezal wants folks to note that “race is not real, we all are Africans.”
As reported by, recently she responded to a social media user who wrote: “But facts are fact. You cannot change your ethnicity. That’s fantasy not reality.”
To this, Rachel replied: “race is not real. Europeans made it up to oppress. We all are Africans. Consciousness and affiliation are a state of mind.

Three San Antonio Mayors Kick Off DreamWeek 2019


DreamWeek has grown in reach and scope in the past seven years, founder Shokare Nakpodia said. This year, the 16-day ideas summit is presenting more than 170 events with 165 partners. Nakpodia said he dreams of a day where people come to San Antonio specifically to attend DreamWeek in search of conflict resolution.