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Advertising – Printed Reach

By October 23, 2017November 6th, 2018modal

Advertising Placement

Schedule Booklet

The DreamWeek schedule booklet is inserted and distributed at DreamWeek events, and at various communal locations all throughout the city. The schedule booklet is a collateral piece that participants continuously look through, so your ad placed inside, will get a lot of exposure. Attendees flip through the booklet on a daily basis, for the entirety of DreamWeek as they plan which events they will be attending.

  • Full Page
  • Half Page

Top Distribution Spots: Schedule will be distributed in 250+ locations in Bexar County

  • Riverwalk/Downtown
  • College campuses citywide
  • Coffee Shops
  • Movie Theaters
  • Community Centers
  • DreamWeek Events

Themed Postcard

The front of the postcard will explain the theme and list events related to that Dreamweek theme. The back will be advertising space, available in either full or half card increments. This is a great way to reach a more targeted market.

  • Full Card Back
  • Half Card Back
DreamWeek San Antonio - Print Advertising
DreamWeek San Antonio - Print Advertising