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Join the 1 Million Push-Up Challenge as we campaign for health and wellness. Our goal is to unite our community with push-ups and inspire this great city to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Shokare Nakpodia, the founder of Dreamweek, says Dreamweek symbolizes what the city does best: bring people together from different cultures. It’s an achievement of multicultural involvement from which, he says, the rest of the nation could benefit. With our unenviable rep as “Fat” Antonio. What could be a better way to expose the fable than uniting our city through push-ups.

Following Mayor Ron lead, “If we can help debunk that myth, it’ll be a good thing.”

San Antonio is in the top 20 for most obese cities in America. Obesity is directly related to a host of sicknesses and diseases. Our city needs to understand the value and importance of health and exercise.

The challenge will run Aug 6, 2022 – Jan 21, 2023. The Challenge is open to everyone and mass participation is needed to reach our goal. Calling all individuals, businesses, schools, and churches. To participate join our Facebook group and follow the instructions. If you are participating in a group, please have your team captain register on behalf of the group. We look forward to your participation and cooperation. Every push-up counts!