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This event is to introduce the East side community to our organization located at 314 N Hackberry #103. We offer material assistance, training and counseling for families in Bexar County.

A New Life For A New Generation is a non-profit designed to help parents and guardians with material assistance such as diapers and wipes. Parents who are pregnant or have children 36 months and younger are encouraged to make an appointment or stop by to see how our programs may be able to assist you. In addition to serving our targeted population, our programs have grown to be able to support other needs in the community including elderly clients in need of adult diapers, college students or clients in an active job search. A New Life For A New Generation offers counseling for parents and their children, assistance with job search, education on local resources, parenting classes as well as car seat training. To assist in uniting our community, we also host socials.

The mission of A New Life for A New Generation is to make a substantial and lasting improvements to enhance the quality of life by providing education, referrals, material assistance and support services to families who are victims of poverty and abuse.