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"A Story to My Son"

"A Story to My Son"Join us as the collection comes back together to tell its story, and also enjoy a special artist interview at 7:30pm 0 Add to DreamList25jan7:00 pm9:00 pm

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“Albert Gonzales’ exhibition titled “A Story to My Son” evokes powerful emotions, as the contemporary artist dives into his own voyages of trauma and healing. His work explores the turmoil he experienced as a child, brought about by his parents’ divorce, and how this has molded him into an adult. As Gonzales reviews these complicated internal emotions and growth, viewers will have the opportunity to think deeply about their own histories that may have shaped them while appreciating the nuanced beauty of  his pieces.

Through this journey of art and soul-searching, Gonzales encourages us to open our eyes to the depths we all can reach to process our traumas and experience healing. His visual epiphanies are focused on self-exploration, healing, and growth. The artwork serves as an honest examination of how one’s past difficulties may be confronted and ultimately released, through which renewal and joy can then be found. It is an emotive reminder that in all states of life, even in our darkest moments, there is always hope of progress and upliftment. “A Story to My Son” visually dissects the painful memories from childhood through Gonzales’ signature aesthetic and delivers artwork that offers an apt exposition on memory, emotionality, and transformation.

In addition to the works, Albert Gonzales’ autobiographical summaries of his paintings convey deep insight into the thought processes which underlie them. Through these short notes to his son, he has managed to give a greater understanding of his difficult experiences. His summaries are not merely insightful documentation – rather they provide viewers with an intimate window into the artist’s process and emotions in a way that no other source is able to do. Coupled with these notes, the artwork, and the gestalt of the exhibition, “A Story to My Son” suggests powerful reflection can result from devastating hardship. Suffused with a sophisticated approach to heartache and redemption, Albert Gonzales’ canvases are as emotionally intense as they are visually captivating. This work offers a truly unique experience and perspective, allowing spectators to draw out their own profound moments amidst ongoing challenges.” – Gabriel Delgado


January 25, 2023 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm(GMT-05:00)

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