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Brain Revamp-The Neuroscience of the "Champion" Mind

Brain Revamp-The Neuroscience of the "Champion" MindThe Neuroscience of the "Champion" Mind 6 Add to DreamList12jan2:00 pm6:00 pm

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The Brain Coach, Dr. Sunita Punjabi (abd) brings people from diverse backgrounds together in one room to analyze the neuroscience behind the “champion mind”. “Winners in Life,” those who have faced adversity courageously and with tenacity, is inside of all humans. But what is happening in the brains of those that rise to the challenge? Dr. Sunita has invited a panel of experts: doctors, neuroscientists, business owners, and top executives to sit and listen to exceptional people who have had success against all odds and now serve by tell their stories. The experts will then analyze the power of the brain, particular characteristics and habits of each individual and break it down for the audience to grasp the “winning formula” for conquering their fears and achieving success. Brain Revamp is designed to switch roles between students and teacher, where the teacher is the everyday person. The audience is allowed the opportunity to identify with multiple walks of life and find commonality and purpose amongst the stories to apply it to their own lives, so that we can “find something we would die for and live for it” – Dr. Sunita Punjabi


(Saturday) 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


The Center For Health Care Services

928 W Commerce

Event Entrance Fees (Free/Cost)



Brain Coach LLC.

Dr. Sunita Punjabi 343 W. Houston 78205

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