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The “Grit Factor” is now considered the single highest indicator of intelligence and potential for success. All people have the potential for Grit but do not know how to tap into the power that is already available. Grit allows humans to actually grow their brains younger. Most people do not know the neuroscience of how Grit gets created and how to cultivate its strength. Participants will learn how to cultivate Grit and how to create it in everyday life. The emotional power of Grit is undeniable. It is an organic motivator. Walk away from this class knowing how to find your Grit factor and use it for whatever you want to create for your life.

The event will explain and train on the factors for full self-expression, which ultimately is a collective vision. Every person has a song to sing. This class teaches people how to access and sing their individual song. Such a world would be a collective ideal vision. Understand your GRIT factor would help to restore self-worth where it might be lost or confused. Self-actualization is a by-product of the materials and concepts that will be covered. A community of people perusing self-actualization is a community of cause driven individuals. People driven by a cause would be a community of people motivated and acting for a greater good.

5:30-6:30 – Networking Mixer
6:30-9:30 – Symposium