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We will gather to view and discuss the film, “Walk on the River 2.0”, produced by Aundar Ma’at and directed by Born Logic Allah (2020, Melaneyes Media). Melaneyes Media is an independent film company based in “Compassionate San Antonio” committed to providing knowledge-based Black culture projects, which look at the world from a Black perspective, especially as it relates to history. “Walk on the River 2.0” speaks about the presence and influence people of African descent have had in Spain, in the Americas before Columbus, and in San Antonio at the Battle of the Alamo. Representatives of the production crew will be present for questions following the viewing, together with First Unitarian Universalist Church members, to guide our discussion of how knowledge promotes understanding and respect. When people from diverse backgrounds come together and share experiences, it creates a stronger and more compassionate community.
Refreshments/Light snacks (movie-fare) will be available at no charge.