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The session will begin with:
-An interactive ice breaker exercise
-Native land acknowledgment and blessing
-Introductions of speakers

We will open the discussion with the overarching questions:
“What is the current educational/representational landscape of Native tribes in Texas?” and “What are the systems that have led us to where we all currently stand on this landscape?”
Both sides of the panel, the Indigenous representation, and the local academics will be given the platform to speak on these questions from their respective lenses. They will be given the opportunity to formulate questions of their own for the other side of the panel to listen and respond to. There will be additional questions regarding common points of interest such as blood quantum, historical sites, and decolonization which both sides of the panel will be given the opportunity to respond to and share their expertise with the public. The discussion will have a segment of Q&A where the public will be able to share additional questions for the speakers.

We will close our session with some final thoughts regarding plans of action and ideas to implement regarding decolonization for the future. Finally, a closing blessing will be shared to conclude the event.