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Destino San Antonio presents, for the first time, selections from the Briscoe Museum’s collection of nearly 600 stereographs of San Antonio, dating from the 1860s to 1930. The exhibition is inspired by the structure of the stereograph─ a picture composed of two superposed images that give a three-dimensional effect when viewed with a stereoscope or special glasses. Artist and guest curator Anne Wallace incorporates multiple perspectives on the image and identity of San Antonio during a time of profound transition after the Civil War until the final days of the “frontier,” inviting us to engage with the past and consider the future of our City. This bilingual, experiential exhibition includes a replica arcade with a vintage 3-D image viewer, video documentaries and interviews, historic city maps and directories, and interactive programming.

Sunday: 10am-3pm
Monday: 10am-5pm
Tuesday: 10am-9pm (Free museum admission from 4-9pm)
Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm


(September 21, 2018 – January 21st)