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We are asking everyone to bring a none perishable food item on the morning of the march, which is Monday, January 16, 2023 to be dropped off in front of the stage of The Dr. MLK, Jr. Pre-March Early Morning Worship Program, which will be located at the Dr. MLK, Jr. Academy/3501 MLKD. Their will be Red Food Bends that are provided by the San Antonio Food Bank. We can all Stamp Out, Starve Out, Partner and Participate in the Healing of our City of San Antonio through Nourishing A Nation Food Drive 2023. This is a way that our Dr. MLK, Jr. Commission has been giving back to our city for 5 years.

On this awesome day we the community and volunteers have worked endlessly throughout the previous years to bring forth the Glory of God and the Heart of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated “I May Not Get There With You, But My Eyes Have Seen The Glory.” We strive to bring the Glory of God to this event every year. Our city and country has been through so much lost over the years, due to Covid-19, Economic Crashes and Many Major Shut Downs. Now this is the time that we can re-build and re-store one another. Our program starts promptly at 8am, which consist of many gifts and talents which showcases the love and unity that is in our city.  You will experience the love and unity through food, coffee, communication, new relationships, songs, music, praise dance, worship, poems, speeches, historical legends and much more. Please come out and join us on Monday, January 16, 2023. If you would love to attend, donate, participate or volunteer, you may contact us at:

Overseer Dr. Chief-Apostle/Bishop

Rosa (Rosita) L. Wilson

Pre-March Early Morning Worship-Chairman

(210) 326-7738