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This discussion will be about creating films that have socially-relevant themes that an audience can connect with and how these stories can begin the healing process or impact an audience.


Multi-award winning, writer, director and producer, Cedric Thomas Smith, is a San Antonio native whose journey into film began in 2010 with a short film on LGBT domestic violence that he’d written, “Unimaginable”. Cedric began directing his own works with films that have won over 40 film festival awards including “The Symphony of Silence” and “Melissa” (both examine the epidemic of teen bullying), the feature film version of “Unimaginable” and his latest film, “Breaking Brokenness”, which is about the pattern of abuse wrapped up in secrets and lies within a family. Cedric’s goal is to continue to write, direct, and produce films that entertain yet give voice to those that feel voiceless.