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DreamHour Speaker Series: Dr. Mateen Diop

DreamHour Speaker Series: Dr. Mateen Diop 0 Add to DreamList16jan6:30 pm7:30 pm

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The DreamHour Speaker Series (The Descendant Series) featuring individuals from the community who will share their experiences as descendants of African Americans and Indigenous peoples- who contributed to making America a global power – without recognition or compensation. Presentations will be focused on the lives of descendants of African American nation and Indigenous founders in America. Presenters will share their perspectives and experiences of the challenges, struggles, and successes involved with the legacy.

6:30 PM 

Dr. Mateen Diop

Dr. Diop believes that it’s not our circumstances that determine the desired outcomes, but instead, it’s our reaction to those situations. Dr. Diop was reared in a segregated, low-income neighborhood in San Antonio, TX. In his environment, excelling in school was not a celebrated trait. Instead, it was how much you drank or smoked that determined your worth. Fortunately for Dr. Diop, God spoke to him at an early age and whispered, “Don’t go where they want to take you.” Since hearing that silent whisper, Dr. Diop has been determined to share his message of the power of having a positive attitude in all situations, finding your purpose, and living your best life.


January 16, 2021 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm