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Social capital is the greatest investment one can buy into; operating in that mindset, investing in one’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health is foremost the greatest asset a person can sow into. Bankruptcy can mean both the end of something and a fresh start. The key is to recognize the restart as an opportunity to utilize the lessons learned to remain in the green of life. Life teaches that loses birth appreciation of gains like no other. Today, I am grateful for my overdraft that lead to my bankruptcy which birthed my wealth.

Karen Chattum, MA is an award -winning poet, novelist, playwright, mentor, motivational speaker, and community activist who is taking the literary world by storm.

Karen is the Founder/CEO of We SPEAK On Purpose which has the mission of educating, bringing awareness and connecting the community to resources in efforts to decrease social issues which impact our society such as HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Mental Health via her theatrical productions, novels, narrative therapy groups and speaking engagements.