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DreamHour Speaker Series: Karla Aguilar

DreamHour Speaker Series: Karla Aguilar 1 Add to DreamList19jan5:30 pm6:30 pm

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The DreamHour Speaker Series (The Descendant Series) featuring individuals from the community who will share their experiences as descendants of African Americans and Indigenous peoples- who contributed to making America a global power – without recognition or compensation. Presentations will be focused on the lives of descendants of African American nation and Indigenous founders in America. Presenters will share their perspectives and experiences of the challenges, struggles, and successes involved with the legacy.

5:30 PM 

Karla Aguilar

Karla Lorena Aguilar, is a native of El Salvador, from where she’s rooted in generations of social justice work. Making way for creative solutions through the power of culture is a passion. 15 years of non-profit management experience is in service advocating for the acknowledgement of the contributions of San Antonio’s Aboriginal people, while uplifting Indigenous people everywhere. Her approach to social development centers on cultural empowerment as a catalyst for communities to become more cohesive, organized and resilient. Karla is also a cultural bearer of the Nahua-Tolteka traditions, language and cosmology as a descendant of the Nahua Pipil, and, is an adopted member of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation’s Auteca Paguame clan.


January 19, 2021 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm