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The DreamHour Speaker Series is made up of leaders within the local community, sharing their experiences and their hopes for creating a better tomorrow.

Nicky Long

Born in 1987 in Dallas County, Texas. On the 13th day of October Tammy Lynn gave birth a baby boy. 35 years later, Nicolas Mikkel-John Long(coined Diamonds while working on the Hawaiian islands)steeped in old timey hill country blues, folk, roots, and gospel music. Like many musicians today in the country and blues scene diamonds is a son of a pastor of a southern Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. 


For the better part of 10 years diamonds fronted Lonely Horse, San Antonio base 2 piece outfit conjuring ghostly blues and pounding ancestral drums. Whose rise to local and national stardom, was no surprise to many who adored the group. The band toured extensively through the US appearing in multiple major music, festivals, including SXSW, CMJ, Afro Punk Music festival, River City Rock, and ACL. Whose band also quarted 3 major labels, such as Sony, Warner and Atlantic records. Ultimately signing a one record deal with a subsidiaries of Atlantic records in 2016. 


After the contract dissolved in 2017 Diamonds took a hiatus for 2 years to get back to his roots in hill country music old and timey hymns he grew up on. Pulling from old church hymn books, family stories and he’s own unique writing style, Diamonds performs a set that takes you back in time and keeps you hooked like a good book. “Diamonds unloads a heavier sound that soars behind his peaking vocals, but solo, his songs cut with a tender power”, Doug Freeman, Editor of the Austin Chronicle says. Diamonds with he’s clever melodies, seasoned writing style and mesmerizing voice have quickly gained the attention of many in the Country, Americana and Folk industry. And since has been invited to play in 2022’s Americana  Fest(who played to a sold out showcase with the Black Opry at the historic Station Inn). He was also invited to 2022 Lucktober Reunion on Willie Nelson’s Ranch in TX, and Pilgrimage Music Festival in TN. Diamonds was also requested by Alicia Keys to perform and sing on stage live with her on her last date of her 2022 world tour. 


Diamonds has released 2 singles at the end of 2022, one of which titled “Met Her in Bed” has already been praised by acclaimed country and soul artist from Tami Nielson, Adeem the Artist to Durand Jones and The Indications, calling it “beautiful sadness”, “inspirational”, and “music they’ve missed and so glad to hear again”. Diamonds is set to release a catalog of songs in album/video form in March of 2023 Titled “Doing Time in the Feel Good Prison”. 


In less than 1 year of his arrival into the Country Music Scene needless to say Diamonds is creating waves and there’s no telling where 2023 will take him. The sky’s his limit.