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Main topic will be what makes us human- then I will be speaking about what that means to me and when I realized I was human- at the age of 12.


Stephanie was born and raised in Westminster, Maryland. A small rural town, between Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of 17, Stephanie joined the Armed Forces as an enlisted service member in our Military’s Army where she served overseas and stateside for 9 years. After serving, Stephanie decided to make her home San Antonio and continued working as a Government Civilian at Brooke Army Medical Center where she headed up the initial stand up of the Wounded Warrior Battalion in 2007 then continued to work on the project management team that successfully completed the Wilford Hall Medical Center and Brooke Army Medical Center merger due to the Base Realignment and Closures directive until 2015.

Now, as a Veteran, Stephanie’s passion has become the right to publish. She is the Publisher and Editor of our city’s African-American Newspaper- The San Antonio Observer. A free newspaper, which allows our community to read the news that touches them personally each week since 1995.