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Foreign missions are something that I have always been passionate about. In 2017 my dream of sharing the Gospel abroad became a reality when I went on my first mission trip to the Czech Republic. This was a truly life-changing experience that was also extremely perspective-changing. So much so, that I returned to the Czech in the summer of 2018. I plan to go on a mission trip every year that I am able as it is something that truly makes me feel full, and fulfilled in the calling and purpose on my life. I can’t wait to share with the Dream Week attendees why I believe the human heart is one thing that truly makes us all human.


Sterling received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science from Trinity University. Upon graduating, she began working at Bain Medina Bain, Inc. where she interned throughout college. Crisp is a Graduate Engineer and works on various civil engineering projects in and around the San Antonio area. Currently, she is primarily involved with working on the transportation projects that her office receives.
Aside from engineering, Sterling is extremely passionate about her faith and giving back to the community. This summer, she went on her second mission trip to the Czech Republic where she taught English and shared the gospel. She also mentors younger girls and thoroughly enjoys volunteering her time for anyone in need.