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Creating Generational Wealth/Securing Prosperity for the Generation to come

Creating Generational Wealth/Securing Prosperity for the Generation to comeThrough this seminar discover the WHY in using Real Estate investments to create generational wealth can secure prosperity for the generations to come24jan7:00 pm8:15 pm 2 Add to DreamList

Event Details

This seminar is designed to educate, encourage and empower the participants in the area of using Real Estate investments to create generational wealth, which can secure prosperity for the generations to come.  This seminar is also designed to expose the myths associated with buying a home, which have become a hindrance to many people who have a desire to own a home.  This seminar will also stress the importance of passing on wealth for future generations which creates a “Wealth Cycle”, so our communities can be revived, and restored. This seminar will also encourage  each attendee to become intimately acquainted with their “WHY”. What is the “WHY” of your goals; what is your “WHY’s” foundation; what challenges your “WHY”, and how you can strengthen your “WHY”.   Additionally the event will briefly cover the “BRRRR” strategy of Real Estate Investing.

Presenter: Matthew Smith III, Realtor/Investor

Matthew Smith III—President and CEO of Matthew Smith Consulting is a former Pastor from the San Francisco Bay Area. Pastor Smith has served in a variety of ministry capacities: as a Deacon, Associate Minister, Staff Associate Pastor, and as Senior Pastor.  He is Director and founder of Forever Yours Marriage conferences.  Matthew also served his country through the Navy/Marine Corps for 8 years. Currently, Matthew Smith III is a Real Estate agent/Investor, and who as a “Rookie” agent, grossed over 2,000,000 in real estate sales in just 6 months. With over 20 years experience in coaching and helping to shape the lives of people of all ethnic and economic backgrounds he has the ability to relate to a broad spectrum of life’s transitions and challenges. As a motivational speaker; life coach/teacher and counselor, he has received numerous awards and certificates for his innovative approaches to life, earning him great respect from his peers and clients alike. He has a Master of Theology, and is a Certified Life Coach.  He is also the renown author of the life changing book, entitled “Crossing Jordan”, Risking it all to walk in the favor of God. He believes with the right perspective; perseverance and passion that all dreams and desires can be achieved.

As a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas, Matthew Has a great passion for educating people in the area of “Creating Generational Wealth” through investing in real estate.  One of his desires is to ensure that everyone is given the tools to own their own home, and then teaches  homeowners to let their home work for them.  He uses a simple, yet affective system that shows a homeowner/investor how the initial investment in purchasing a home can yield 25-35% Year over year. He teaches that your home is not your adversary, but rather your asset, which give the homeowner an immediate advantage.  He also firmly believes that everyone must openly and honestly identify their “WHY”.  Identifying your “WHY” brings Clarity and Confidence.  Whenever you know your “WHY”, that knowledge empowers.


January 24, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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