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The San Antonio Chapter of the Fulbright Association will host a conversation at St. Philip’s College to discuss how Fulbright Scholars from around the world are contributing to the growth and development of the city. We will also be discussing the traditional Fulbright Scholars program which takes faculty members around the world to teach and conduct research in 160 countries. The program provides approximately 8,000 grants annually – roughly 1,600 to U.S. students, 1,200 to U.S. scholars, 4,000 to foreign students, 900 to foreign visiting scholars, and several hundred to teachers and professionals.
Fulbright alumni have achieved distinction in government, science, the arts, business, philanthropy, education, and athletics:
40 Fulbright alumni have served as heads of state or government
62 Fulbright alumni from 15 countries have been awarded the Nobel Prize
76 Fulbright alumni are MacArthur Foundation Fellows
89 Fulbright alumni have received Pulitzer Prizes
The event will be held at St. Philip’s College, which has hosted Fulbright Scholars-in-Residence on its campus twice in the last five years.
Join us to learn how they are inspiring our Global Community and how you can be involved.