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“Innovate the Runway” will be held San Antonio’s Smoke Restaurant. During this event attendees will be able to witness and learn how to mix “high/low” fashion to create a cohesive affordable yet stylish look. Fashion is known to be temperamental, so this event is meant to start an informal conversation. The event is an opportunity for open-minded, creative individuals to connect with people, be introduced to local fashion and musical artist that they would not normally have the occasion to speak to or witness within their community. Attendees are expected to challenge their own assumptions of fashion at every price point to remove prejudices and stereotypes of thrifting and shopping and different types of music. “Innovate the Runway” will take place during San Antonio’s Dream Week. The event will feature looks created and thought out by some of the cities Boutique owners, B(V)loggers, On-Camera Talent, Fashionites & Socialites and more. We will also feature great musical talent to add movement and set the mood of the show.
“This event is part of the Dream Girls series part 1 of 5”