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Host Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders for Justice (AAPIs for Justice) will provide a brief overview of the history of racism against Asians that have parallels with racist events we see today. Asians and friends of Asians are encouraged to participate in this event for the presentation and the following dialogue that will reflect on racist incidences in San Antonio that targeted Asians during the height of COVID19 scapegoating and other racist incidents. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences with racism. Those with stories or questions they would like to share anonymously can send information through the RSVP link below.

AAPIs for Justice will also discuss a time in San Antonio history when an Asian community spoke out about a racist policy and the result of their speaking out. The discussion will also address the San Antonio city resolution “COVID-19 Anti-Hate Resolution” passed in May 2020.
The goals are to explore the tendency to be silent when racist incidences occur and create ways that normalize acknowledging when something extremely offensive and harmful occurs that is racist in nature. AAPIs for Justice would also like to hear from individuals in the community who have experienced racism what type of support they would like to see locally.

To keep the space safe for discussion, media would be limited to statements in a press release by the organizer and not permitted to attend as press or publish on the discussion itself until the organizer can get individual permission for press statements. The discussion will be moderated to keep the space safe and not tolerate speech or body language that mocks or insults others’ experiences.


*Please register below to allow organizers to estimate audience size.