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Kickoff for 1 Million Push-up Challenge: Let’s inspire Health and Wellness and unite the community by moving towards a common goal. Individuals, teams, and organizations will have about an hour to collectively hit a total number of push-ups. After a short intermission, there will be an in-depth discussion between a small group of former athletes, minorities, entrepreneurs, professionals, and siblings and their avenue through Faith, Family, and Fitness. Each sibling would have an opportunity to share their testimony, family upbringing, college experiences, faith, and personal hardships.

We will also have an opportunity to talk about selected topics voted online (How to form good habits, Sticking to a routine, Overcoming life changes, Starting today, starting small, Big life changes start with a series of small changes which leads to the big changes, Being goal-oriented is important but it’s even more important to set the right goals, having a balance in life.) We want to keep the mix and mingle idea to give people the opportunity to network during the intermission and after the event. The panel will also stick around after for one on one questions and photos. After the competition, you can still participate by submitting videos on social media. We will give a total number of push-ups at the very end and keep an updated total on our website homepage. Proceeds will be donated to Haven for Hope.

Hosted by Comedian: Clifton Simmons

Food and Drinks Provided, Vendors Welcome, DJ

**Participants join the challenge by posting videos of push ups on facebook, instagram and twitter. They must tag @1millionpushup with #EveryOneCounts. Also you can participate during the kickoff event by donation.