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The AM Project’s M.A.S.S.  takes inspiration from spiritual music
traditions with each experience being uniquely curated by one of the AM
Project’s feature DJ’s.  A soulful and wholly collaborative creation by
the AM Project and the Carver Community Cultural Center, this
gospel-inspired M.A.S.S. will immerse you in a rapturous, reimagined
celebration, deeply-rooted in the African American tradition of
spirit-filled music, dance, spoken word, media and culture. All of your
senses will be fully engaged in this non-denominational, highly
uplifting event.  A trio of San Antonio’s most exciting artists—DJ Underground Soul , poet/writer/playwright Jess Mahogany and dancer Tanesha
Payne—guide us on a transcendent journey.

Plus more inspiring surprises throughout the evening! Find sanctuary as we gather together in the Little Carver, connecting in communal JOY!  At the conclusion of MASS, enjoy a reception and sample tastes of iconic African American desserts.

Please join us for this electrifying and moving 2023 DreamWeek evening!

Time: 6:30 Doors Open / 7:00pm – 8:00pm M.A.S.S. / 8:00pm – 8:45pm

Location: Little Carver Theater (behind Jo Long theater)