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Housed within the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, CyberSecurity San Antonio is a program that serves to convene, connect, and brand the cybersecurity community of SATX. From K12 to higher education, federal and military partners, non-profits, and industry, San Antonio is home of the largest cybersecurity ecosystem outside of the DC metro area.

However, with recent statistics on poverty and the digital divide within San Antonio, we understand that not everyone has access to the growing cyber and tech industry within San Antonio. That’s how this event ties into the 2020 A Collective Vision theme – we want everyone to feel like they are part of the digital revolutions taking place. We want everyone to feel like they know how to protect themselves online. We want everyone to know how to access cyber and IT jobs. We want everyone to know how to build a business.

Interested in finding a job in the local tech and cyber industry, or starting your own tech business? Join local experts to find your place in the growing tech sector in San Antonio.

Our speaker is David’s Legacy speaker will be David’s father himself: Matt Molak

Coffee, water, tacos and fruit will be provided.